The Management Team of the ESSA-Sport project – “A European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity”, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2 – Sector Skills Alliances)  is organising the second annual meeting of the European Associations Advisory Group as part of the ESSA-Sport project.

As it was the case a year ago, the meeting will be hosted by UNI-Europa in Brussels on Thursday 28 June 2018 from 13.30 until 16.30.

The purpose of this Advisory Group is to gather EU Network Associations from the Sector in order to act a source of advice and feedback to help guide the ESSA-Sport project on the important topic of skills and workforce development for the whole sector.

Since the first meeting with the network of EU Umbrella Association, the ESSA-Sport work has been focussed mainly at national level with the 18 national coordinators currently completing the Desk Research phase, gathering qualitative and quantitative data on:
– The realities and characteristics of the sector labour market;
– The structure, priorities and tendencies of the sector;
– The national education system and training provision, and the specific provision for sport and physical activity.

The purpose of the second meeting of the Advisory Group will be to:
– UPDATE the participants– by feeding back to them the results of the national desk research and discussing the main findings and issues that arise from the picture of employment that is emerging;
– CONSULT with the participants – seeking their views and advice on the next consultation phase of the project – the online European Employer Skills Survey for the sector (to be launched in September 2018), and asking for their active engagement in the process, which aims to obtain the views from employing organisations about the realities, challenges and skill priorities in the labour market for the sport and physical activity sector. A draft outline questionnaire will be presented at the meeting for comment and contribution by the Advisory Group.
– ASK the participants to share – at the first meeting, participating organisations agreed to share any relevant and available EU, national, regional and other reports (surveys, statistics and data) to help contribute to the development of the fullest possible picture of employment and skills in the sport and physical activity sector. Participants will be asked to feedback if any such data as been made available to them within the last 12 months so that it can be reflected in the desk research.
-OBTAIN SUPPORT from the participants to disseminate and promote the initiative.

Last but not least, it is already anticipated that the third and final meeting of this group will be held in the spring of 2019, with the aim to present the findings of the consultation and to discuss and seek participants’advice to help draft the conclusions and recommendations for the EU report.