On the 22nd of November 2016, EOSE together with UNI-Europa and EASE organised the launch of the ESSA-Sport project for national coordinators.

The event gathered 40 participants from 20 EU countries and provide the opportunity to meet each other and become familiar with the work programme and expected activities.

Granted under the Erasmus+ programme (KA2), this 3 year project will deliver the first EU-wide Employment and Skills map for the whole sport and physical activity sector. It offers a unique opportunity to build a partnership for research and consultation, to identify realities and challenges, and to undertake the first analysis of labour market and skills needs based on a national “bottom-up” approach.

It was crucial for the partnership and the project to get the support of CEDEFOP and the presentation of the Skills Panorama made by Mrs Stelina Chatzichristou, Expert from the Department for Skills and Labour Market, provided solid roots for the work to be carried out. She put emphasis on the meaning of “skills” which are not anymore just about qualification as “soft”, “digital”, “green” skills are mostly acquired outside the classroom. She explained that the Skills Panorama supports discussion of “skills intelligence”: understanding what the skills needs are and will need to be with the objective to provide an informed basis for targeted skills investments (balance between supply and demand). She ended up mentioning that Cedefop is closely following the work led by EOSE and its partners and that the ESSA-Sport project is setting a new stage for the whole sector.

ESSA-Sport national partners were then informed about the detailed work programme, their role and responsibilities, the partnership, time schedule and financial rules. They then exchanged during the group discussions which were organised to obtain concrete inputs on their expectations, main barriers and envisaged method to conduct the national desk research and consultation.