Stephen Studd, EOSE Director of Development, was invited to contribute to the 5th Edition of the National conference gathering Danish Sport stakeholders and organised by IDAN (EOSE member) on 10th and 11th of April 2018. The two days event labelled “Sport’s biggest challenges” is a well establish platform and forum for discussion in the country and considered as the place to be for Danish sport stakeholders willing to contribute to wider debates. Organised in Vejen (West part of the country), it was attended by no less than over 500 delegates from Sport in Denmark, in particular municipalities, sport facility operators and clubs representatives.

Stephen contributed to the first session of the second day entitled “Strengthening the foundation for growth in the sports sector”. He shared the session with Nick Rowe, former head of research at Sport England, who introduced his theory of “sporting capital”. This is a way of measuring whether a person is likely to take part in sport and is the subject of his recent book. Understanding what is the makeup and background of a participant helps give an understanding of the conditions that need to be created if people are going to helped to become active.

Stephen presentation was about the required competences and skills in sport. This was the opportunity to present to a wide audience the ESSA-Sport project and in particular to introduce the changes going on it the workforce and the scope of the research that is underway, being led by IDAN in Denmark, and some of the key challenges facing the sector (as reported at our 14 round tables and national visits that EOSE has undertaken in the last 3 years). Interestingly the idea of the Sector Skills Alliance at national level was very well received and it is hoped that the yearly conference “Sport’s biggest challenges” organised by IDAN will serve as a solid foundation for the follow-up of a national stakeholder group.


Video of the session available here