On behalf of the Partners in the European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity (ESSA-Sport), the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) is pleased to announce that the first EU-wide skills survey covering the whole of the sector is now live.

The survey is a central part of the ESSA-Sport project, which is funded by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Understanding the characteristics of the labour market in a rapidly changing and growing sector like sport, is fundamental to ensuring that education and training match the needs of employment. Only with a workforce of paid professionals and dedicated volunteers can we unlock the true potential of sport as a social and economic driver and help to create an active and healthy society.

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We need your views on the skills that are crucial to your organisation and the sector as a whole.

Tell us about the challenges you face in recruiting people with the right skills and about the barriers to training and developing your staff.

The results will be analysed at both EU and National level and will be presented and discussed both in national stakeholder groups, and in the first EU Skills Summit for the Sector planned for September 2019.

The ultimate aim is to produce a comprehensive EU Report based on 28 National Reports with an Action Plan and recommendations for future collaborative action on skills to ensure the future success of the Sector.


For further information on the ESSA-Sport European Employer Skills Survey please have a look at the introductory leaflet (English).

This introductory leaflet is available in various languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek (Cyprus), Greek (Greece), Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish.