The Partnership

EOSE is acting as applicant and coordinator, and will be supported by a wide partnership of 18 national partners and 5 European networks to deliver this exciting and challenging project entitled the ESSA-Sport project - “A European Sector Skills Alliance for Sport and Physical Activity”

The partnership is composed of various stakeholders from the sport and physical activity sector such as training providers and universities, research centres, sport councils, governments, representative of employers and employees, as well as several EU umbrella organisations. It was extremely important to constitute such a wide partnership able on one hand to technically contribute to the development and achievement of the ambitious work programme, to ensure high level consultation at both national and EU level and a wide dissemination and further implementation of the final outputs, and to reflect the breadth, realities, needs and diversity of the sector.

As showed above, ESSA-Sport has ambitions to engage the whole sport and physical activity sector in its research and consultation. That is the reason why the partnership is made of two rings.

Full Partners

are those officially involved in the development and delivery of the project. These 18 national partners and 5 European networks are to be found amongst the leadership and management team, the strategic reference group and the national coordinator group”

Associate Partners

will support consultation and dissemination activities and be a source of advice/feedback for the overall ESSA-Sport project. They are part of the European Expert Advisory Board involving built to have an important role and address the historic fragmentation of the sport and physical activity sector, and to gather a selection of EU Associations and Networks from the sector.